Autism Liaison Program

The Autism Liaison Services at Mississippi State University were developed through the Autism & Developmental Disabilities Clinic (ADDC). Autism Liaisons offer services and support to degree seeking students on the Autism Spectrum to facilitate their success at Mississippi State. With a focus on building skills in self-advocacy, socialization, and employment, our team can meet a wide range of individual student needs. 

Enrollment and Outreach


Assist students in transitioning to campus, connecting with resources, and building skills.

  • Weekly meetings might include:
    • Organization
    • Prioritizing & Planning
    • Accountability Partner
    • Communication with professors and other campus offices
    • Assistance in problem solving other that are experienced on campus
  • Assistance in connecting with campus supports might include:
    • Counseling
    • Tutoring
    • Career Center


Host weekly socials to facilitate socialization and connect our students with other students on campus.

  • Weekly socials might include:
    • Campus events
    • Game nights
    • Dinners
    • Campus events
  • PALS Campus Social Networking Program
    • Pairs our students with other undergraduate students on campus
    • Assists in building a social network


We connect our students with campus/community resources and state/national organizations to assist with obtaining employment

  • Connect to MSU Career Center
    • Career interest assessments
    • Resume
    • Interview support
    • Career fairs
    • Job Networking
  • Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services (MDRS) Pre-Employment Transition Services
    • Vocational training opportunities and activities
  • Connect to MDRS supports
    • Vocational placement
    • Financial Assistance




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